Monday, September 15, 2008

Looking at Lake Oswego

My daughter Grace and I at
our Luscher Farm garden plot.

Many fine aspects make up the fabric of Lake Oswego such as education. A good education is predicated upon community involvement and quality schools. Lake Oswego has those qualities and I support maintaining those qualities to keep Lake Oswego great.

The varied neighborhoods within Lake Oswego are another aspect in the fabric of this city. I believe when development occurs within a neighborhood or affects a neighborhood it is imperative that it is in keeping with the characteristics of the neighborhood. We must ensure strong and viable neighborhood associations that are listened to and used as consultants in neighborhood development.

The business community that provides our basic services or the light industrial areas of this city must be given every opportunity to remain in business. We need a city council that is as interested in the existing businesses as it is in promoting the latest boutique. We need a city government that is as interested in accommodating the businesses in Lake Grove as they are in designing the Lake Grove Village Center Plan.

I believe with my extensive community involvement in Lake Oswego and my belief in fiscal responsibility, an open and transparent city government, and a common sense approach to the prioritization in spending, I am the right person at the right time for the Lake Oswego City Council.

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